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Which way do we go?

We both agree that God has called us to missions, but what does that look like? Karen has always had a vision of being a pastors wife and I have had a vision for a long time of using my God given gift as a software engineer for His kingdom. Although this could lead us down many paths, we are initially pursuing opportunities that would have the most impact to the kingdom while maximizing the use of these skills, gifts, and talents. This opens the doors for several “out of the box” opportunities that include a lot of stateside assignments and some non-traditional overseas positions. As could be expected, these ideas encroach on the comfort zone and needs some time to sink in. So please keep us in prayer to be flexible to God’s calling and open for Him to mold us into what he wants us to do.

Missions Stories

Testing the Waters

From the beginning of our relationship, Karen and I have had an eye towards missions. In fact, we started seeing each other, and eventually courting, after being in a “Serving as Senders” class at Calvary Aurora. Ever since, we have both felt God is calling us into full-time missions work.

The week of Christmas 2017 God provided a way for us to get our affairs in order to where we could go into missions work. We had felt for a while that once this would happen, that God would reveal more of His plan for us. As the new year came around we were listening for God’s guidance and praying that He would reveal more to us. Unbeknownst to me, on the evening of the 1st, Karen specifically prayed that God would reveal something to me the next morning. That next morning, the 2nd, I got up and was reading in Genesis about Noah and the flood. The scripture jumped out at me as I was reading about Noah releasing the raven and dove to test the waters. Noah was seeing what was out there before he could open the door and step out into this new world. We believe it was a Rhema word from God directing us to step out and start testing the waters to see what missions opportunities were around that would best fit our skills and callings.