A Change in Direction

God has led us down a new path very similar to the one we were on but without the need to raise support. Howard has accepted a paid position as a senior software developer at Focus on the Family.

In April, after having to completely stop our support raising effort due to Covid, we started taking a deeper look at our financial support and realized we were losing support. We started praying and asking God if there was something else we needed to be doing or to continue on this path with LightSys. Almost immediately God opened the door at Focus on the Family. After a 4 week, 5 part, interview process, last week Focus on the Family offered Howard a position. 

Howard will still be writing software for the Kingdom just at a different organization. We both still have the opportunity to volunteer at LightSys so we may continue be involved in mobilization and collaboration. God definitely brought us here to Colorado Springs and He did that through LightSys and all our supporters. But His hand is also very evident in this transition to Focus on the Family.

Karen is very engaged in the women’s ministry at Rocky Mountain Calvary and is in the process of becoming a mentor as well as serving in other areas. Howard is enrolled in School of Discipleship at RMC as well as being engaged in men’s ministry, U-turn, and possibly prison ministry in Trinidad Colorado.

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