Missions Stories

January-February Update

Today is our quadrennial extra day of the year (aka Feb 29th). However, if you are like us, it was quickly eaten up with activities. We have been very busy here in the Springs and even missed last months update; sorry. At the same time we are enjoying the fellowship, teaching, and serving opportunities. We both are attending men’s/women’s bible studies as well as marriage studies. Karen is involved with Moms in Prayer and Howard is tutoring math as part of a church outreach; plus much more.

We Love it here in Colorado Springs

We have been encouraged by both Rocky Mountain Calvary (RMC) as well as Calvary Church (Calvary Aurora). RMC has agreed to let us do a missions presentation at a Wednesday night service; we let you know when that will be. And Calvary Aurora is going to be having us do a missions update on the Wednesday night of April 1st. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Please continue to pray for us and our financial support; we are about 15% short of being able to start at LightSys. Also pray for the LightSys annual “Spring Break Code-A-Thon for Mission” that is taking place throughout the month of March. Fifteen projects will be being worked by 20 teams making it the largest code-a-thon to date. Also pray for us to maintain balance as we serve, raise support, work, and establish our routines.

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