Missions Stories

September Update

Praise be to the Lord, it is an exciting time! Calvary Aurora will officially be sending us out this weekend at all 3 services. They will have us come up (during the services) so the entire church can pray for us. It will be streamed to the web at and the service times are Saturday evening at 6 and Sunday morning at 8:45 and 10:45 Denver/Mountain time. Along with setting up our missions table in the foyer, one of the co-founders of LightSys (Tim Young and his wife Patricia) will be there alongside us.

At Action International

This past month has been very busy. Early September, we went to Seattle to visit Action International. They are currently using one of LightSys’ larger software packages that Howard will be coding once we are fully funded. On that trip, we were also able to visit Howard’s daughter in Oregon and Karen got to visit with a friend from college that she had not seen for over 10 years.

Unloading In the Springs

The rest of the month has been consumed with packing, moving, settlin g in, and house hunting. Thank you to Buck and ‘Most Excellent Way’ for helping us load our moving truck. Thank you to Pastor Todd and ‘U-turn for Christ,’ and our new family at LightSys, that helped us unload the truck. If you did not know, we are currently house sitting for one of our fellow LightSys missionaries while we wait for God to give us our permanent home here in Colorado Springs. We do have a contract on a house so we are praying that everything goes smoothly and closing will be early November as scheduled.

Praise / Prayer Requests:

  • Praise God that Howard was given permission to work 100% remotely from home
  • Pray for more hearts to give to missions – and that we would be fully funded soon
  • Pray for flexibility as we navigate the transitional “new normal” pattern we are currently in
  • Pray for relationship building at our sister church, Rocky Mountain Calvary

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