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“It is time to break camp and move on.”

Sunday, August 18, 2019

As we have been progressing into going to Colorado Springs to serve as missionaries with LightSys, we have often been unable to see how it would finally happen. Knowing we are called, and that God was behind this, we continually pray and seek God for any changes in direction or steps we needed to take. Mostly, we heard ‘abide and wait’. As we have been abiding and waiting, God was strengthened our faith a well as our confidence in our calling. He has also been teaching us to not be paralyzed trying to perceive His will but that it is okay to step out and let Him change our course as need be. Like in Joshua 3, as the Israelite’s cross the Jordan on dry land, the priests had to first step into the water before the waters backed up to reveal the path to the other side.

Last weekend we started seeing the doors open to move to Colorado Springs. We felt that doors were starting to open that could allow us to buy a house earlier then expected. Howard’s new job has a very lenient work from home policy so he started asking about working remotely. At the same time, a job opening at Compassion International for a part-time software developer was revealed to Howard so he started pursing more information about that.

While still waiting to hear about working remote, as well as the part-time work, another door opened up last night. A fellow missionary couple at LightSys contacted us letting us know they would be out of town for the majority of the next 6 months and asked if we would be interested in house sitting for them. Blown away, we went to church, in an attitude of prayer, and the message was partly about stepping out in faith. We also, went forward for prayer about this and again the word was to go through the open door. Although we are both in one accord about are calling, it is rare that we are immediately in sync about what we should do. However, on this, as we left church, we both felt we needed to step out in this and call our landlord and put in our 60 day notice. We went home, let the couple know that yes we would house sit for them and proceeded into our evening devotions together. As we finished up reading the book of Numbers, Karen turned the page to put her bookmark in Deuteronomy and noticed that she had previously highlighted verse 1:7. In the NLT version, Duet 1:7 starts out with “It is time to break camp and move on.” WOW!!! Looking at other versions of that verse, it also refers to going south, to the mountains, and to the foothills; Colorado Springs. Today we put in our 60 day notice to our landlord.

How could God be more clear. We step out and He parts the waters. We are stepping out in faith in this knowing that God is in control and that His plans are greater then ours.

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