Missions Stories

March Update

What a busy and exciting month! In the midst of visiting other local churches and speaking to home groups, we were visited by a historical blizzard aptly named a ‘Bomb Cyclone.’

LightSys had their annual March Spring Break Code-a-thon for missions. College students came and volunteered their time, working on smaller software projects. Howard was able to spend one day, each of the three weeks, encouraging them to pursue their callings in IT and missions.

For all who call Calvary Church their home – you can’t help but be blessed by their missions outreach. March is when they hang the flags in the worship center and provide a platform for existing missionaries to share their updates. This year, we were able to set up a table to share more information on our own upcoming trek into missions.

Along with the extra exposure – and visual reminder – we diligently reached out to everyone we knew to see who would like to hear more about our next chapter in missions. If God has put someone on your heart that would want to hear about IT in missions please let us know. We are always looking for referrals.

Please continue to keep us in prayer: that when the spiritual warfare hits, we can easily identify it rather than be distracted by it. Also, we are looking for individuals that are called to be a part of our sending time.

Missions Stories

February Update

Hello all –

February was very encouraging for us for several reasons. First we ended the month at 19% of our support raised. That is nearly double what it was at the end of January. Thank you all for continuing to support us and pray for us. We also got to present in front of the church at our sending church; Calvary Aurora. They produced a very professional looking recording of that presentation that can be viewed at

We also discovered something about the new domain that we are now using; The original idea behind initforjesus was that we are “in it for Jesus”. However, a few weeks ago, we realized that it could also mean “in Information Technology (IT) for Jesus” since we are going into IT missions work. God must have a sense of humor. Nonetheless, we are in the process of converting everything over to using inITforJesus as our brand, so to speak.

Again, thank you for all your support and prayers. If you, or anyone else you may know, is interested in hearing more about what we are doing, would like to support us, or would like to be part of our sending team, please email us. Please continue to keep us in prayer.

~Howard & Karen Owsley