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November Update

Hello all –

We just wanted to send over a note and keep you updated on how God is working in our life.

November came with some changes.  Howard, who was waiting for a clearance for the past 15 months, was transitioned into working on a software project.  

After 9 years, Karen transitioned from working for WSi Healthcare Staffing to staying at home.  This will give her the opportunity to spend more time with the support raising task that is ahead of us.

November saw the close of our 15 week Perspectives class.  It was very informative and gave a great view of God’s missionary movement in the Bible.  We also were able to connect and speak to the group about our own upcoming venture.

We were able to enjoy Thanksgiving here in Colorado with some dear friends as well as drive to Kansas City and spend it with 23 of our closest relatives!  We had a little excitement as we waited out the “Kansas City blizzard” and came back a day later than planned.

We are also in the process of meeting with individuals, small groups and churches as we share what is ahead in missions for us.  Please keep us in prayer:  that we continue to keep God’s direction, stay organized, and protected against spiritual warfare.

We would love to hear from you.  Please let us know how we can be praying for you.

~Howard & Karen Owsley


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