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Weighting On God

In mid March, much to my surprise, we were told that my weight could prevent us from serving in certain areas of the world. This is primarily due to health concerns in areas that have very poor health care; and secondarily, that it would not be a good witness to those who are poor and often hungry. My weight has been a battle for me for most of my life but, knowing that God has called us to missions and that He is in control, I knew that I needed to turn this over to Him. Feeling that a 25 BMI was too big of a goal, I set a target of reaching a 30 BMI by the end of the year; I did the math at realized that the 63lb I needed to lose was doable. I was not looking forward to it but on 16 March I started on my wight loss plan. We went and bought FitBit tracking devices, a digital scale, and I started tracking my calories online. The geek in me definitely loved all the technology and I quickly learned that walking everyday was VERY easy and tracking my calories kept me acutely aware of what gave me the biggest bang for buck food wise. Shockingly, I was not hungry, sore, or discouraged; God knew exactly what I needed to do this. A lot of weight came off the first few weeks but it continues to come off at a healthy rate; as of today, I have lost 25lb which is 40% of my initial goal. God is so good! He teaches me to trust Him in so many ways. I have no idea where God will send us; but He knows. In July we will be laying out all the opportunities we have discovered and will be seeking his guidance through prayer and fasting to see where we should go. But God in is His awesome wisdom knew that this level of progress on my weight would free me to have the confidence to not fear that my weight would hold us back. And then as icing on the cake, my work has a site that tracks healthy habits and rewards us financially; I am only a few days away from earning the $250 cap for the year.

Please pray for us to continue down this path of being better steward of our bodies so we are available to serve God wherever He may send us. Also, please pray for God’s will and discernment on selecting a place to serve.


update (Sep 27, 2018)

13 more pounds to go until under a 30 BMI

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