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Don’t Choose. Do Both!

Over the past 2 months we have been talking to several missions organizations about a wide range of opportunities and God is good. These opportunities range form traditional work with unreached people groups to general missionary support roles in our own living room. But the more we talk to these groups, the more we see the need to serve. Also, I keep seeing the possibilities of doing something hybrid such as working in a foreign country, church planting, relief work, helping children, etc, and also working in a general support role that we can do from home anywhere. This could fulfill my calling to use my software skills and allow us to be involved in more traditional missionary work as well. I have been seeing this since the first time we met with any organization. Then, about a week ago, I was playing this in my head with a couple of specific opportunities and was praying for God’s guidance on this as I walked back to my desk at work. When I got to my desk, the first thing I saw on my email was this image below. It is interesting to watch God lead and guide this. I am not sure where this will take us but I know God is in control. Please continue to pray for us.

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Which way do we go?

We both agree that God has called us to missions, but what does that look like? Karen has always had a vision of being a pastors wife and I have had a vision for a long time of using my God given gift as a software engineer for His kingdom. Although this could lead us down many paths, we are initially pursuing opportunities that would have the most impact to the kingdom while maximizing the use of these skills, gifts, and talents. This opens the doors for several “out of the box” opportunities that include a lot of stateside assignments and some non-traditional overseas positions. As could be expected, these ideas encroach on the comfort zone and needs some time to sink in. So please keep us in prayer to be flexible to God’s calling and open for Him to mold us into what he wants us to do.